How do I get Sponsored?
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So you want to build a cool car, or you already have but need a few things to finish it up. Money is tight and parts are getting pricey. It may be time to look into a Sponsorship!

While many of us have surely heard this term before, some may not fully understand what Sponsorship really means, so we’re here to help!

How do I get Sponsored?
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What is Sponsorship?

A sponsorship is typically an agreement between a company that markets parts or services and an influencer who can help spread the word about those products. Simple. Sponsorships typically come with a set of rules and specific guidelines for how the company would like their image portrayed so be sure to read everything in your offer letter!

What can they do for me?

These agreements can be for a percentage off of the company’s services, free product, or even a full-ride sponsorship with money paid out for events.

We want to clarify: accepting a sponsorship offer does not mean you will get paid. It does not mean you will receive free parts. It does not mean you will be featured throughout the company’s website or social media. It is essentially a contract to become a freelance marketer for that company in return for assistance that may further your goals.

How do I get Sponsored?
Notice those corporate logos and big names? Racing is expensive, these help pay for a driver’s track time and maintenance. Photo courtesy of Redbull Racing

Sounds like work, why do I want to work for these companies?

Proving that you can market product and services to your following on social media and attending events where you are in high visibility will show the company that you are worth the investment. A driver who brings in thousands of fans to one of the companies sponsoring their build may be offered a better discount or free parts. These drivers may even be asked to be featured on social media and advertisements which can really boost a racer’s career.

How should I approach sponsorship opportunities?

How do you handle yourself at work? Professionally, we’d hope. Sponsorships are exactly the same. You are asking a company to take you under their wing for some reason, being polite and professional will do wonders. Sending the same “I emailed you about this” message 7 times doesn’t come across as professional. Our friends at Driving Line touch on a few examples of proposals we’ve seen over the years that are guaranteed to land your application in the trash.

Who offers sponsorships?

You can technically reach out and propose a sponsorship agreement to any company. Come up with reasons you would be a good fit to market their products and how they could benefit. Don’t start asking for free stuff right away or your message will most likely end up being left on “Read”. Instead, sell yourself and see what they offer in return.

A few companies offer an application right on their website for these inquiries. We put together a list to make it easy for you to find your first real sponsor:

Okami Racing

How do I get Sponsored?
We are offering limited sponsorships coming soon! Apply to join #Team狼 and be part of a growing team of true enthusiasts!

Whiteline Performance

How do I get Sponsored?
Suspension components are essential for a track build. The team at Whiteline have you covered with an easy application form

Continental Tire

How do I get Sponsored?
Continental offers discounts on tires through their Racer Tire program

Toyo Tires

How do I get Sponsored?
Toyo Tires offers a detailed form to send your info over


How do I get Sponsored?
Seat manufacturer BRAUM offers a clean Google form

Modern Automotive Performance

How do I get Sponsored?
MAP carries a large variety of brands and offers discounts through their sponsorship program

Adam’s Polishes

How do I get Sponsored?
The team at Adam’s Polishes offer 2 forms, one for standard sponsorship and one specific to SEMA builds

Other companies offer sponsorships but require a more formal message to be sent over either to a specific email inbox or via mail:

Blox Racing

How do I get Sponsored?
The guys at Blox Racing require a mail-in proposal


How do I get Sponsored?
Raceland doesn’t have a structured sponsorship program but are happy to take proposals via email for their suspension kits

R1 Concepts

How do I get Sponsored?
R1 Concepts accepts proposals via email


How do I get Sponsored?
The good ol’ boys at Magnaflow offer 2 PDF applications that can be emailed over


How do I get Sponsored?
While they don’t offer a vehicle sponsorship program, Meguiar’s does offer event coverage. Apply at least 45 days prior to your event to be considered


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